Healthy Food for People With Metabolic Syndrome

If you have metabolic syndrome, your food choice is very important. You should consume foods that are low in fat, have a good amount of protein and have a low glycemic index. Foods must also be nutrient-rich and you should avoid consuming empty calories. Below is a list of "super food" groups.

These are foods that are particularly healthy and should form the core of your metabolic syndrome diet. You should aim to include foods from at least two of the groups below in every meal, preferably more.

Green Vegetables

Beans and Legumes

Fish and Lean Meats

Fat-Free Dairy Products

Bran and Cereals

Nuts - Including almonds and other nuts

Cottage Cheese

Eggs and Egg Whites

Olive, Macadamia Oil and Other Oils

Whole-Grain Breads and Cereals


Whey Protein Powder - Protein supplement

Peanut Butter



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